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Top Picks for Best Internet Satellite Services

Best High-Speed Satellite Internet for Rural Areas.

We help you choose the best satellite internet provider. The Internet is a need of every person on earth. We will tell you all the details about the 3 top satellite internet providers.

Top 3 Best Satellite Internet
Earthlink Wireless.

Viasat is good for gaming.

Viasat is always the best choice if you are a gamer. You can play all the games. Viasat gives you High-speed Internet with no data cap. Viasat recently launched Viasat 3, A next-generation satellite available in 50 states. Viasat unleashed package gives you a cap of 850GB, which is enough for a home user—no Installation or Activation Charges for qualified customers. You do not need to sign any contract. Also, you pay nothing in advance for the Router. Easy care plan gives you free for the first three months. But the Viasat Price is higher than HughesNet. If we compare the data, ViaSat offers more data plans than Hughesnet. As per Ookla Viasat, the average speed between Q4 2022 & Q1 2023 Was 36.47. If you are a heavy user, you should go with ViaSat.

Hughesnet Internet is good for browsers.

HughesNet is a good choice if we talk about pricing. They have three plans.
1. Select $49.99/mo. For 12 months.
2. Elite $64.99/mo. For 12 Months.
3. Fusion 94.99/mo. For 12 months.

Select Package:
Speed of up to 50mbps.

Elite Package:
Speed of up to 100mbps

Fusion Package: (Low Latency)
Speed of up to 100mbps

It is available in almost all states. It is best for browsing, video conferencing, and streaming sometimes. They give you free Installation. Also, the speed is between 50 and 100MBPS. If you sign up with HughesNet, you need to sign the contract. It is perfectly fine if you don't use the Internet too much. Even if you reach your data limit, HughesNet will not cut your Internet but will slow it down. 

Earthlink Wireless:

Earthlink wireless is the best option if you play games sometimes. Also, if you cannot install the dish, they send you a SIM card to plug it into an outlet near a window. They will send you the equipment after two days of the order. First, check if EarthLink Wireless is available in your area. You need to sign a 1-year contract, but you pay every month. Also, they charge you for a one-time activation. Speed is between 25-100 Mbps. Depending on your usage, packages are between 100GB and 300 GB. You can connect some devices, but the number depends on your usage.

Which Router is good for satellite Internet?

The Router depends on the size of your house and your usage. If you have a big house, I suggest you go with a recently launched TP-Link Router 7. Router 7 offers a channel size of up to 320 MHZ. 

Viasat is best for heavy users. Hughesnet is best for browsing and video conferencing. Earthlink Wireless is best for middle users.


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